Unleashing the power of collective AI on Cardano.

At Quatern.ai, we believe that the world’s most challenging and relevant data science problems neither can nor should be solved by individual, centralised AI’s.

Our platform allows machine learning models to be deployed in a truly decentralised manner, enabling a more powerful, and more democratic, collaborative approach at AI.


The Quatern.ai Platform

On a mission to decentralise AI…

Crowd-sourced AI

Harnessing the collective power of diverse AI models for more accurate and comprehensive predictions.

Governance & reward mechansim

Empowering participants with tokens to reward contributions and steer the platform’s evolution through decentralised governance.

Real-world use-cases

Solving complex challenges in healthcare, finance, and environmental science by leveraging the collaborative intelligence of Quatern.ai.

Social Media

Join us On our Journey…

The Road Ahead…

Q1-Q2 of 2024
  • Whitepaper Publication, communicating the project’s vision, framework, and potential impact.
  • Tokenomics Disclosure, sharing token distribution strategy and token utility.
  • Community Cultivation, leveraging the Cardano ecosystem to build a robust community, fostering engagement and support.
  • Protocol Development Journey, ensuring robust smart contracts, backend infrastructure, and an intuitive user interface.
Mid 2024
  • Token Inception Event, initiating the token launch through a public sale, offering early community members the chance to be among the first to participate in the ecosystem.
  • Testnet Showcase, public beta demonstration of the protocol.
  • Marketing & Engagement, intensifying marketing efforts to broaden reach and deepen community engagement, laying the groundwork for widespread adoption.
Q3-Q4 of 2024
  • Platform Development , finalizing protocol, infrastructure & interface.
  • UX Refinement via comprehensive user testing.
  • Mainnet Deployment, officially launching the complete platform on mainnet.
  • Feature Extensions introducing additional components that complement the core platform.
  • Strategic Marketing via adoption campaigns to solidify the platform’s position in the market.
Governance & Rewards


Stay tuned for the release of our full token announcement, distribution scheme, and tokenomics.